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Building and maintaining positive self-esteem is not an option. The process of this self-defining excursion begins at birth and continues throughout childhood and adulthood for a lifetime. In Loving the Me I See, you will learn the basis steps on how to build positive self-esteem, the benefits of possessing a healthy profile of positive self-esteem, and the basic tools that are needed to maintain a healthy balance of self-worth. My self-defining book begins with the basic tools that teach:

How to remove mirror fears and face the mirror.
How to compliment what you see with much confidence.
How to embrace who you were created to be.
How to set boundaries and standards.
How to develop a positive personal vocabulary.


My sole purpose for writing Loving the Me I See is to educate preteen and adolescent girls on their inner beauty and express the importance of highly respecting their bodies, esteeming themselves, and appreciating who they were created to be. This desire came after observing young girls from all walks of life struggling with their self-identity or wanting to be accepted or approved by others for validation. I noticed that so many young girls were looking for love and answers in all the wrong places. This false assumption of self-worth appears to be the common denominator in most cases for the deep roots of the dreaded disease known as low self-esteem. This vile disease germinates and transforms itself from one problem to another, ranging from behavior problems, relationship problems, weight problems, alcohol and drug abuse, school dropouts, emotional distress, and so much more.

I truly believe that self-esteem plays a major role in our lives and is the key ingredient for proper growth, balance, and success in every arena of relationships, friendships, and life. It is self-esteem that influences all of our behaviors, decisions, and the choices that we make. Of all the judgments you make in life, none is as important as the one you make about who you are and your beliefs about you. Why? Because, how we feel about ourselves and what we believe about who we are determines how we will respond, react, and function in society. It determines the very essence of virtually every aspect of our lives.

I wanted to write an uplifting book that focuses on the essence of embracing the power of self-connecting to high esteem. My book Loving The Me I See is an easy read but full of potent information, inspirational nuggets, and basic tools to use for a lifetime. The meat of this self-challenging book focuses on self-acceptance, self-respect, and self-love. There are motivational nuggets planted throughout the pages of this well-crafted book, along with empowering mirror messages.

So the question boils down to: Who needs positive self-esteem? Believe it or not, everyone does, regardless of how much money you make, the brand of clothes that you wear, the neighborhood you live in, or the car that you drive. Promote positive self-esteem. It's really healthy!

 - Angela Clay

   Self-Esteem Enthusiast



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